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Re: [Public WebGL] another proposal to temporarily expose some device/driver information only when really needed

This wouldn't work -- the context creation attributes are ignored
during the second and subsequent calls to getContext(). I don't think
this will change even with the introduction of the "async" context
creation flag.

Oh. Then, discard the canvas element, create a new one in place of it, and do the second getContext call on it?

Yes, that's what would be needed in these examples.

It seems clumsy to create and discard dummy context just for feature checking. Wouldn't it be better if we could query supported features before creating a context? The canvas object unfortunately lacks a mechanism for this.

How about adding a flag (false by default) that allows an acquired context to be queried and configured before activation?

Alternatively, for complete transparency, drop the flag completely, remain in a configuration state for as long as possible, and create the frame buffer only on demand.

Can anyone imagine a scenario where this would break existing code?


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