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Re: [Public WebGL] WebGL in Workers

On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 5:42 PM, Gregg Tavares (勤) <gman@google.com> wrote:
My goal with "Picture" is not to make it transferable (It could be or not, I don't really have an opinion). It's to be able to instantiate them inside a worker and use them with texImage2D

I'll echo that sentiment. Given the choice between having transferable images that must be created in the main thread or a more limited image object that can be created in a worker I would absolutely take the image in a worker. And like Gregg said, making it transferable is a non-issue. I'd pretty much always be shoving it into a texture and transferring that instead.

Even without any image support in a worker, though, WebGL access in a worker would still be useful. I'd love to unpack and upload DXT textures off of the main thread.