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Re: [Public WebGL] another proposal to temporarily expose some device/driver information only when really needed

On Tue, May 1, 2012 at 3:40 PM, David Sheets <kosmo.zb@gmail.com> wrote:
I propose using URIs for capability profile predicates.

If you dislike the idea of using absolute URIs, I propose using
relative URI references like "#vtf_slow" and "#slow" with a default
base URI at khronos.org.

This same host profile facility is probably useful to a wide variety
of nouveau browser APIs. Integrating with an extant standard or host
profile system would be preferable to creating a new profile system. I
believe most logical assertions regarding Web hosts, resources, and
clients should attempt to use the federated namespace structure of URI
that is now ubiquitous.

Hrm, I'm confused how URIs are useful/relevant here -- how would you propose that they be used?  I believe Benoit is just talking about querying the browser for data..

    - Vlad