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Re: [Public WebGL] Why does the set of pname arguments for which the behavior of getShaderParameter is defined not match GL ES?

On 4/18/12 12:16 AM, Glenn Maynard wrote:
It could be specified in each function that takes an enum argument, eg.
replace the getShaderParameter definition with something like:

"If /pname/ is not present in the following table, generate
GL_INVALID_ENUM.  Otherwise, return the value for /pname/ given
/shader/, using the specified type."

I think this would be most user-friendly, yes.

Not exactly: to test this fully, you'd need to test every value which
isn't explicitly supported.

Hmm... Yeah, fair. Good catch on extensions.

It's probably reasonable to test every unsupported [0, 0xFFFF] value,
though, for every function that takes an enum.

Yeah, probably. 65000 is just not that big a number nowadays. ;)


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