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Re: [Public WebGL] Should WebGLContextAttributes be a callback interface?

On 4/8/12 10:35 PM, Cameron McCormack wrote:
Well, callback interfaces are meant to be for JS to provide a bunch of
callback-like properties and functions. I suppose it's not out of the
question to allow it to be returned from an operation. And it would be
consistent with being able to return a callback function type.

Would a DOM object be able to create and return its own objects that
implement callback interfaces?

I'm not sure what you mean. For one thing, it's not really quite defined what it means to "implement a callback interface"...

But we could allow it to return a
reference to an existing callback interface object that script created
and passed in.

This seems to be the obvious use case that would require supporting callback interface return values. Assuming that there are APIs that return such things, of course.


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