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Re: [Public WebGL] Standalone IDL has FloatArray where it probably means Float32Array

On 4/3/12 3:37 PM, Kenneth Russell wrote:
Yes, webgl.idl and the index.html are both completely hand edited
right now. It would be great if we could automatically generate one
from the other. Any contributions here would be welcome.

One "simple" option is to load the spec in your browser of choice, then run this bookmarklet:


and then copy/paste the resulting text into the IDL file.

I can write you a command-line version of this in Python if you want, if you just want to have a script that runs on the spec .html and spits out the IDL. It'd take a bit more work because of the crappy DOM support in Python, but not that much more. If there's already a script generating stuff that you have to run anyway, this is probably the approach you want, right?


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