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Re: [Public WebGL] Requirements for bufferData don't make sense given the IDL

On 4/3/12 2:26 PM, Kenneth Russell wrote:
Does this fix your immediate problem?

Yes, I think it does. At this point null is just clearly allowed for bufferData and bufferSubData, and I'm assuming that the right behavior for null is to set the error state and return as documented, for both of them.

Would you be willing to share information about what you're trying to
do with the IDL? I am particularly interested to know if you have a
tool which will validate it and which is catching these errors you
have found.

Did https://www.khronos.org/webgl/public-mailing-list/archives/1204/msg00063.html cover this? If not, I'm happy to answer whatever questions you have that it didn't cover; none of this is secret in any way. Just tell me what info is missing!


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