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Re: [Public WebGL] IDL still includes "raises" clauses, which WebIDL doesn't have anymore

On 4/2/12 8:29 PM, Kenneth Russell wrote:
Thanks for bringing this up.

I've removed the "raises" clauses from the spec and webgl.idl,
replacing them with comments indicating that the entry points may
throw DOMException.

Thank you. There was a problem with this edit. The ';' at the end of the HTMLVideoElement overload of texImage2D in the spec has gone AWOL. Same for the ';' at the end of the HTMLCanvasElement and HTMLVideoElement overloads of texImage2D in the standalone IDL file.

Same thing for all three of the texSubImage2D overloads that take elements, in both the main spec and the standalone IDL.

I'm unconvinced that removing the "raises" clauses from Web IDL was a
good idea, but agree that WebGL should conform to the spec.

I think we're on the same page on both of those. ;)


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