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[Public WebGL] Should WebGL's getSupportedExtensions return an array or a sequence?

The current IDL is:

  DOMString[ ] getSupportedExtensions();

It's not quite obvious to me where the IDL array comes from in this case. In particular, I believe that needs to be defined so that the steps in http://dev.w3.org/2006/webapi/WebIDL/#es-array for converting to an ECMAScript value can work:

   1) If V is already represented by a platform array object, then the
      ECMAScript value is that platform array object.
   2) Otherwise, the ECMAScript value is a newly created platform array
      object that represents V.

Without knowing whether the IDL array value is reused across invocations or created anew every time, it's impossible to make the decision step 1 requires to be made. Unless I'm missing something?

It seems to me that all the questions here would be sidestepped if this function returned sequence<DOMString>, but if it needs to keep returning an array there's a lot more behavior-defining that needs to happen. Again, unless I'm missing something.


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