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Re: [Public WebGL] Should WebGLContextAttributes be a callback interface?

Glenn Maynard:
The language I suggested earlier was:

That's based on the conversation we had, combined with how things like
Event constructors work, with a separate *Init dictionary type for the
interface.  The separate *Init type isn't strictly needed here (unlike
events, every attribute in WebGLContextAttributes would also be in
WebGLContextAttributesInit), but it also means WebGLContextAttributes
doesn't need to have all of its attributes nullable.

Think that needs hooks to make the language simpler?  Since this is sort
of a one-off thing (one per context type, and there are no signs that
there'll ever be many others), it may not be worth it.

No, it looks like the kind of hook I was imagining is already there in the HTML spec, and that the WebGL spec already uses it in section 2.1. Your suggested changes to the 2.1 text look good to me.

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