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Re: [Public WebGL] bindFrameBuffer doesn't seem to define behavior when target is not a FRAMEBUFFER

On 3/31/12 10:35 AM, Glenn Maynard wrote:
WebGL depends on OpenGL ES for a lot of its particulars.  There are
links to the relevant spec next to the function.

Yes, I understand that.

but bindFrameBuffer doesn't seem to have this text.  That looks like an
oversight, but maybe it's defined less clearly somewhere else.

GL_INVALID_ENUM is the correct answer, though.

Yes, but nothing in WebGL seems to define what should happen with GL_INVALID_ENUM in the ES binding.

Is the call silently ignored but the return value of getError() on the context object changed to GL_INVALID_ENUM? Is an exception raised? If the latter, how is GL_INVALID_ENUM converted to an exception?

I'm guessing, based on thirdhand information, that the call is silently ignored but getError() will return GL_INVALID_ENUM if called after that.... But that's not actually in the spec anywhere that I can find. Simply defining "generate a XXXXXX error" (which is used all over in the spec) would go a long ways here.


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