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Re: [Public WebGL] Should WebGLContextAttributes be a callback interface?

On 3/31/12 10:27 AM, Glenn Maynard wrote:
The IDL is out of date.

OK. Can the spec at least not link to it, then? The current setup is ... confusing at best.

The idea is that the object you pass to getContext *is* a
WebGLContextAttributes, as if getContext's signature is WebGLContext
getContext(DOMString contextId, WebGLContextAttributes attrs), so WebIDL
takes care of type conversions for the members.

Hmm. I guess there's no way to actually express this as WebIDL because the second argument would need to be of different callback types depending on the string value of the first argument and callback types are not distinguishable?

But that also means that WebIDL cannot in fact really take care of the type conversions, since WebIDL isn't actually being used to define this.

I wonder whether it would be worthwhile to extend overload resolution in WebIDL to handle this case by introducing the ability to declare overloads where an argument is a constant and treating all constants as distinguishable. So then the IDL for getContext could look like this:

  getContext(DOMString "webgl", WebGLContextAttributes attrs);

or something... The syntax could obviously use improving.

This could also be done by defining it as a WebIDL dictionary.

Another option would be to define the getContext() argument as a dictionary but the return value of getContextAttributes as a non-callback type. Assuming that's useful, of course. The behavior would obviously be observably different (e.g. the properties would then live on the prototype), but I'm not sure that gets us anything useful. So yeah, probably OK leaving this as a callback.

No, because getContextAttributes says "Returns a /new/
WebGLContextAttributes object".

Aha! Thanks.


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