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[Public WebGL] OpenGL ES 2.0 GLSL Conformance Tests Published

Many OpenGL ES 2.0 GLSL conformance tests were committed to the webgl
SVN repository yesterday by Gregg Tavares in r17231.

This is a major step for Khronos' web standards effort and
significantly improves the status of ESSL as a bona fide WWW language.
I am very grateful to Gregg Tavares, Ken Russell, Neil Trevett, and
anonymous internal-to-Khronos champions who worked to format and
publish these important tests.

sdk/tests/conformance/ogles/GL/build appears to contain a number of
stubs for important SL tests. What is the restriction preventing
publication of these tests? Are these stubs for tests with more
extensive API use?

I hope that in the near future the revision process of the OpenGL ES
2.0 GLSL language and subsequent languages will at least admit
observation by the soon-to-be majority stakeholder population of web
shading language authors and tool-makers.

Warm World Wide Web Wishes,

David Sheets

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