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Re: [Public WebGL] Adobe to tax 3D flash games

On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 5:31 PM, Kornmann, Ralf <rkornmann@ea.com> wrote:

But still no WebGL in mobile Safari and only very limited support on Android. So I am still at 30% on iOS.

There's GoWebgl http://atnan.com/blog/2011/11/07/amazing-response-to-my-ios-webgl-hack/ any chance to get that in the app-store? :)

Beside of this the 9% for Flash are only in the case you have used some kind of cross compiler.


Revenue is defined as net revenue (not profit) after taxes and subtracted payment processing fees and social networking charges. Revenue is everything (app purchase, in-app transactions etc.). 

9% revenue charge is due if: 
 - using ApplicationDomain.domainMemory 
 - and using Stage3D.request3DContext
 - and release date > August 1, 2012
 - and net revenue > $50'000
 - and not cross compiling/packaging as app for iOS, OSX, Android and Windows

Adobe would like to purchase an equity in your company of around 9% of your companies net worth. However they're not gonna pay you for it, instead they propose that providing Flash is adequate compensation for that equity stake. Adobe wants you to know it values every company it purchases a stake in at no cost whatsoever, thanksbye.