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Re: [Public WebGL] Extensions

On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 10:34 PM, Alan DuBoff <araisan@yahoo.com> wrote:
Per the WebGL Registration Page, this extension is in draft, so is being implemented per your comment above. Or does that happen after the draft is complete?
When an extension specification is in draft, the vendors may implement it if they prefix the extension name with a vendor prefix. Vendor in this case means:
- Apple (Safari Browser, iOS Browser), prefix WEBKIT_
- Google (Chrome Browser, Android Browser), prefix WEBKIT_
- Mozilla (Firefox Browser, Firefox Mobile Browser), prefix MOZ_
- Opera (Opera Browser, Opera Mobile Browser), prefix OPERA_
At least since the above is a draft, it looks as though Glenn Maynard is responsible for implementing the code. I'm guessing the code is not available until the extension becomes official, is that correct ???
Glenn Maynard Proposed the specification. Implementation is up to the individual vendors (Google, Apple, Mozilla and Opera).

In the case of the "Official WebGL Extensions", are the following extensions completed already?
The extensions you mention are all in status ratified (they're neither drafts nor proposals), so yes.
If so, where would I find the actual implementation?
You find the implementations in the code repositories of Google Chrome/Webkit, Firefox and Opera etc.
Would they be in the OpenGL or OpenGL ES libraries ???
The extensions prefixed with OES_ are ported from the OpenGL ES extension registry. the ones prefixed with WEBGL_ are specific to webgl.

As an example, where is getTranslatedShaderSource() for WEBGL_debug_shaders ??? I'm not finding that in any of the opengl code.
This is specific to webgl because there is a translator that translates the GLSL source to HLSL or Desktop GLSL. If you're writing against a native ES backend, the translated source would be the same.

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