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[Public WebGL] Added conformance test: bufferData on null data -> INVALID_VALUE


This is to let you know about r17021: this adds a new test to conformance/buffers/buffer-data-array-buffer.html, checking that bufferData on null data generates INVALID_VALUE, per the spec section 5.14.5.

Thanks to Ms2ger for finding about this.

Not adding this to 1.0.1 as that doesn't seem like a big emergency.


PS: I wanted to test this on chromium on my Linux machine but I couldn't figure how to enable WebGL? I have Ubuntu 11.10 x86-64, Mesa 7.11, radeon driver. Anyway, per the discussion in Khronos bug 386, it seems that WebKit has been spec-compliant on this for a very long time.

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