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Re: [Public WebGL] Depth Texture Extension

On 25/01/2012 22:58, Daniel Koch wrote:
Would you still be happy if the OES extension was present but not widely supported?
personally, yes. that's how extensions work.
but given that there was an intense discussion and decision about the strategy to follow to ratify extensions (that I personally don't like, but that I fully respect as I am happy a good discussion led to it), I am ok with it.

but again, as Florian reported, 326 devices support it. to me, it seems a respectable part of the market (well.... excluding intel boards that mostly motivated the birth of ANGLE).
however, if we follow the extension guidelines, it seems to me that 326 devices + the ones on which ANGLE will run are strictly less than the 100% of the devices supporting core ES 2.0. if I am right, doesn't the registration of the WEBGL depth tex extension violate the overall extension strategy, as there exists something that does not support it? If this is the case, so why to publish the WEBGL ext before the OES one? why do not give precedence to khronos extensions? again, please correct me if I misunderstood/lost something, but following the discussion I understood that the WEBGL stripped extension would at the moment be put on the registry, and I read no words about when the OES one would go in.

ISTM that making 2 extensions with explicitly identified functionality is better than having one which is unclear.

sure it is better. I hope the above comments clarify my position.

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