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Re: [Public WebGL] Depth Texture Extension

please correct me if i'm wrong.

as far as i understood from this discussion:
1) ANGLE is not able to handle depth cube maps (because of D3D9 restrictions).
2) to overcome this, a "branch" of OES_depth_texture (namely WEBGL_depth_texture) that is basically the same but without support to depth cube maps is being proposed.
3) almost all ES 2.0 implementations (mobile etc.) expose OES_depth_texture, so (if they passed the conformance tests, as i hope) they can handle depth cube maps.

my question:
why give priority in the extension registry update to WEBGL_depth_texture rather than OES_depth_texture?
i mean, isn't the "create a specifications that runs on most platform as possible, using the lowest specs as possible, even if they use an emulator (ANGLE) that cannot handle all the specs" plilosophy starting to scrape the specifications a bit too hard?
we already lost the early support for lot of functionalities just because they are not available to all implementations. ok, that's fine (well, not ok for me, but i understand the valid point). "in the future", when developers that clearly do not come from the opengl community and have to be trained when using webgl, these restrictions will be relaxed and extensions will be ratified even if they don't have a wide support. ok.
but giving priority to the ANGLE version of the extension because an emulator (ANGLE) cannot cope with the original specs, seems too much for me.
i'd be far more happy if the OES extension would pop up in the registry before the ANGLE one.

again, please correct me if i'm wrong or i lost something in the discussion.


(p.s.: please don't misunderstood me, ANGLE is great.)

On 25/01/2012 16:55, Florian Bösch wrote:
Changed the draft to the prefix WEBGL, excluded cube depth maps, added the IDL and defined the error in case of attempted cube depth map usage, draft is attached (webgl_depth_texture.tar.bz2)

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