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[Public WebGL] Add ArrayBuffer.slice and Uint8ClampedArray tests now?

The WebGL WG is preparing to snapshot the next version of the spec
soon, near the end of January.

It would make sense to snapshot the next version of the typed array
spec at the same time. The typed array spec doesn't currently have an
independent conformance suite; it's contained within the WebGL
conformance suite, principally in typedarrays/array-unit-tests.html.

Would there be any objection to adding tests for the new typed array
APIs ArrayBuffer.slice() and Uint8ClampedArray now? If we do, then
compliant WebGL 1.0.1 implementations will be required to also support
these APIs. Since the spec for Canvas' ImageData already references
Uint8ClampedArray, I think it would be a good idea to move forward



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