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[Public WebGL] Addition of compressedTexImage2D entry points in WebGL 1.0.1

Hi everyone,

There is a consensus in the WebGL working group that
compressedTexImage2D and compressedSubTexImage2D entry points should
be added to the core API in the next minor revision of the spec.

This is a backward-compatible change that does not break any content.
Compressed texture formats would be exposed as standalone extensions
for each format, providing new enums to use with compressedTexImage2D
(very similarly as it is done in OpenGL ES - simplifying documentation
and specification work).

Exposing the entry points through a generic WEBGL_texture_compression
extension has been discussed and considered impractical :
- developers would have to test and enable two extensions (the generic
extension and the requested format extension) instead of just one.
- it is very likely that the next major revision of WebGL will require
support for one or more compressed texture formats, not adding it to
the core API now would make the transition to WebGL "next" harder for
developers and browser vendors.
- adds unnecessary divergence from OpenGL ES.

Please raise your hand if you have any question/concern about this.


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