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[Public WebGL] Fwd: WebGLGap: PhoneGap plugin to enable WebGL

Apologies if this went through but I've been having more trouble with my mail account, just forwarding on in case it didn't make it the first time!

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From: Ashley Gullen <ash@scirra.com>
Date: 8 January 2012 17:42
Subject: WebGLGap: PhoneGap plugin to enable WebGL
To: public_webgl@khronos.org

Hi all,

Thought some may be interested in a PhoneGap plugin I had a go at writing this week:
It enables WebGL in the Android browser by forwarding all the calls to an OpenGL ES 2 view on the app side.  It's only half complete, I gave up because the performance really wasn't what I'd hoped - I think there's too much stringifying in PhoneGap and the JS engine is still to slow for it to be effective.  Would be interested if anyone has any ideas how to improve performance.  Still, it might be useful for prototyping WebGL code for Android.

Ashley Gullen