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[Public WebGL] Context Creation Error Event

as our new web game is somewhat graphics intensive we see some performances problems with browser that have no hardware acceleration for 2D canvas operations. Therefore we though to add another WebGL based render engine to the game. To get some numbers about how many of our players can use WebGL we add a short test in our current beta version of the game.
We were able to create a WebGL context for ~62% of this tests. We had ~22% tests with no WebGL support at all (mostly IE). While this is good enough to give a WebGL path a try I am somewhat unsure how we can handle the missing 15%. For these tests the browser reports general WebGL support but we were unable to create the context.
The new draft contains a new error event with a status message. But the draft is not very specific how usable this message would be. Will it be something that can be understand from the user (in the local language) or should we expect something more technical that requires additional support from our side?
Bonus question: Is there already an implementation of this error event in any browser?