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Re: [Public WebGL] consult on the webgl conformance test case

On 05/01/2012 17:00, Zhao, Jian J wrote:

OK. Maybe I misunderstanding the ANGLE before.  

So do you mean this is an issue in browser side(chromium or webkit) instead of our 3D driver mesa’s issue, is it?  And in this case it still may be related to the spec or the test case.


The GLSL {,ES} specifications are not clear about how many nesting levels must be supported nor the maximum lengths of identifiers and the OpenGL ES conformance test does not test these things very thoroughly. This has led to inconsistencies among implementations. These in turn caused the WebGL WG to introduce restrictions that should not be a challenge for any OpenGL {,ES} implementation in order to create consistency.

The mesa 3D driver should ensure it can cope with the minimums required by the WebGL spec., in this case a nesting level of 4. But it is free to allow deeper nesting consistent with the GLSL specification. Only WebGL implementations are required to fail compilation of anything with a nesting level > 4.