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[Public WebGL] consult on the webgl conformance test case


 I am a test engineer on graphics from Intel. Now I am testing on the Webgl conformance on our integrated graphics, try to analyze and help fix the failures with our driver. And in the negative case glsl/misc/struct-nesting-exceeds-maximum.html that tests the maximum nesting of structures in GLSL, and in the spec it is:

  “WebGL requires support of a structure nesting level of 4. Shaders containing structures nested more than 4 levels deep must fail to compile.” And “The fields in a top-level struct definition have a nesting level of 1.


But there is no clear statement on the nesting level 1. My understanding is that if we define a struct test {int a; float b}, then test->a is level 1. Am I right? If so the test case only tested to level 4 which is supported, and we should add one more nested struct for it, like nesting 5. Or it should be level two when we use a member of the struct? If so, maybe in our mesa driver should have some change, because the driver now seems used the way as my understanding of this. What’s your opinion?

BTW, is there any other mailing list for sending patches on the WebGL test case and its implementation?

Any comments will be welcomed! Thanks in advance!


Best regards