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Re: [Public WebGL] Comments on Dec 20th draft

On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 2:50 AM, Mark Callow <callow_mark@hicorp.co.jp> wrote:

2.1, item 2, Plurality does not match: "has ... parameters which is." Change ", which is" →"in".

"context creation parameters" is also a label.  If you say "WebGLContextAttributes contextCreationParameters;" in a programming language, the result is singular: one variable.
On 22/12/2011 01:18, Glenn Maynard wrote:
I understand the reasoning but the sentence still comes across as very clumsy. My proposed change completely avoids the problem without changing the meaning of the sentence.

It doesn't make sense.  "context creation parameters" isn't in a WebGLContextAttributes--I'm not even sure what that means--it *is* a WebGLContextAttributes.

Better off renaming "context creation parameters" to something like "requested context configuration".

In 5.14 "Before performing the implementation of any method" → "Before invoking any method". and "perform the implementation of the called method" to "invoke the called method."

I guess either works, but I pictured these steps as part of the method invocation itself.
The primary meaning "performing the implementation" has for me is the task done by the person who writes the function!.

"Invoking the method" sounds to me like what happens when you call a function--when you call foo(), the foo method is invoked.  That's why this sounds odd to me, since that's already happened when these steps are run.

"3. Otherwise, continue to the called method"?  That's in line with the earlier text ("Before performing ...").

Glenn Maynard