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[Public WebGL] Comments on Dec 20th draft

The following statement appears in the non-normative box in the Introduction yet it sounds like a normative statement (emphasis mine):

Many functions described in this document contain links to OpenGL ES man pages. While every effort is made to make these pages match the OpenGL ES 2.0 specification [GLES20], they may contain errors. In the case of a contradiction, the OpenGL ES 2.0 specification is the final authority.
Section 2, second sentence, "which must also be created" → "which must be created" The "also" makes it seem that creating the drawing buffer is the responsibility of the "author" along with creating the context.

2.1, item 1, ", which is a canvas.", seems unnecessary. If you really want this phrase add "object".

2.1, item 2, Plurality does not match: "has ... parameters which is." Change ", which is" →"in".

First sentence of 2.2 "following shall be performed." is followed by ... no steps.

Also in 2.2 2nd 'graph after the table "By default, the buffers shall be the size shown below." Where? The size is not given in 2.2.

In 4.1 "For example, this may require" → "This may require". "For example" has no relevance in this context.

In 5.2.1, description of stencil needs to mention it is only a request. Change to something like:
Default: false. If the value is true and the implementation supports a stencil buffer, the drawing buffer will have a stencil buffer of at least 8 bits. If the value is false or the implementation does not support a stencil buffer, no stencil buffer is available.
In 5.14 "Before performing the implementation of any method" → "Before invoking any method". and "perform the implementation of the called method" to "invoke the called method."

In 5.15 type & isTrusted attributes mentioned in the text do not appear in the IDL for WebGLContextEvent.

In 5.15.4, why fire a webglcontextrestored event before firing a context creation error? It seems bizarre and no explanation is given.

Also in 5.15.4, the example does not show initializing the gl context in the context restored handler, only updating the textures. Furthermore it uses setInterval rather than the recommended requestAnimationFrame and it does not show how to handle a context creation error or its preceding mandated webglcontextrestored event, with optional non-empty status message. It assumes that on receipt of webglcontextrestored it can safely use the context.

Finally I am concerned about the handling of the GL error during context lost events. In no other case does getError have any influence over the value it returns. Rather than have getError state that it returns CONTEXT_LOST_WEBGL, if the context lost flag is set, it would be more appropriate to state that while the context lost flag is set, calling any GL command will generate the error CONTEXT_LOST_WEBGL.