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Re: [Public WebGL] Last-minute comments/questions for 1.0.1 spec/tests

Is ensuring that these are false going to require work by the implementation? If so, I'd prefer that work be directed to ensuring they are the same.



On 01/12/2011 08:21, James Robinson wrote:

If we are OK with not caching, then we need to mandate not caching in the spec or people will hang expandos on the return value.  This has happened before for other specs and been a real mess to clean up.

This means in particular the following should be false and tested:

context.getUniformLocation(program, "foo") === context.getUniformLocation(program, "foo")
context.getUniformLocation(program, "foo").happy = "lala"; context.getUniformLocation(program, "foo").happy == "lala";

Same goes for any other API that returns a JS object instead of a JS value.

- James