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[Public WebGL] Re: Lose context extension

On 28/11/11 09:09 PM, Kenneth Russell wrote:

Per discussions on other email threads it seems that we should rename
WEBGL_EXT_lose_context to WEBGL_lose_context, indicate that it's a
draft spec (already done), and expose it under the extension strings
WEBKIT_WEBGL_lose_context and MOZ_WEBGL_lose_context. (Or do you
prefer a different prefix?)

What do you think? I'll make the necessary changes to the extension
registry if you agree.

I think can I agree, but with these reservations:

Do I correctly understand that this means that the text of the extension will not be duplicated? So that we won't have to maintain two copies of the same file?

My other concern is that I don't want these vendor prefixes to stay around forever. I can understand the need for vendor prefixes as this extension is still in flux (has been updated recently). But we should really aim for it to become stable and shed the vendor prefixes when possible. When this extension will have been stable for a few months and fully implemented in two different browser engines, we'll drop vendor prefixes, right?


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