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RE: [Public WebGL] Conformance 1.0.1b testing name string length


> If you find any other errors please highlight them.

The test suite looks to be in good shape to me.
We're down to a small list of failures which I believe are mostly due to our out-of-date webkit code (and the challenge of the 2 video tests).
Point being that I'm not aware of any problems with the test suite itself.

Robert Tray

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On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 5:14 PM, Robert Tray <RTray@nvidia.com> wrote:
> Gregg & Ken,
> I see that the number of tests continues to increase which is good for
> ensuring robust implementations.
> Some of the most recent additions to the conformance suite test the max name
> string length of 256 (for bindAttribLocation, getAttribLocation,
> getUniformLocation).  I'm trying to track down which spec has that info.
>  Some stuff comes from the webgl spec, others from gles, or glsl, or
> opengl2.
> If you could give me a clue where to look I'd appreciate it.  (I need the
> info for code reviews.)  I notice some tests mention which spec or where to
> find the requirement their testing.  It would be cool if some of the future
> tests that exercised the fringes of the spec could maybe have a comment in
> the source mentioning the requirement location.  Most of the time it's
> obvious but sometimes it's hard to find.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for pointing this out. I've fixed a few recently added tests to
indicate where the limits come from. Please point out if I missed any.

> In the glsl/misc/attrib-location-length-limits.html test there may be a
> precedence of errors question.  (I haven't debugged this so I'm not
> positive.)  The last check in that test is that getAttribLocation should
> fail and the error code should be INVALID_VALUE.  But since the program is
> not linked then INVALID_OPERATION could be returned.  Does the spec list
> precedence of errors?

Thanks for pointing this out also; I've fixed the test. If you find
any other errors please highlight them.


> Robert Tray

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