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[Public WebGL] Help with the WebGL Context Lost specification

We're trying to finalize the WebGL specification for how context lost is handled

Not being a spec writer and not being familiar with every nuance of the HTML5 specs we're having a hard time figuring out the exact wording to attempt to make it 100% clear what needs to happen

Based on Cedric's changes my latest attempt is here:


The specific sections are 5.14 and 6

In particular section 6, the Context Lifecycle section:

Among other things it needs to be clear that

1) no attempt is made to restore the OpenGL context unless the event object passed to the listener receiving the webglcontextlost event has its preventDefault method called.

2) That restoring the OpenGL context may happen asynchronously

3) That setting the WebGLRenderContext from lost to not-lost must happen synchronously just before the webglcontextrestored event is fired

4) That some events are fired immediately (webglcontextcreationerror) and others are fired sometime after the current event has exited ("queue a task to fire ...")