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[Public WebGL] WebGL demo


I put my WebGL Odin demo on github for NewGameConf. I have to admit I was in a big hurry and didn't exactly have time to work on browser compat or optimizations. Anyways I thought I'd drop the link here if you (esp Chrome and FF devs) want to test with something that is a bit more real world.


It runs fine on FF 7.0.1, except it takes 70s to load (as opposed to 2s in Opera 12). I get about the same load time in Chrome (70s) but one of the shaders fail to link so the character doesn't render. Anyways, I'll look into it when I get back home, but if anyone that can actually run a profile session and/or look at the translated HLSL in the other browsers would care to take a look it would be greatly appreciated.

I wouldn't be very surprised if it has to do with HLSL compile and link time as Opera 12 just uses the OpenGL backend for now...

Erik Möller
Core Developer
Opera Software

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