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[Public WebGL] Conformance 1.0.1b testing name string length

Gregg & Ken,


I see that the number of tests continues to increase which is good for ensuring robust implementations.


Some of the most recent additions to the conformance suite test the max name string length of 256 (for bindAttribLocation, getAttribLocation, getUniformLocation).  I’m trying to track down which spec has that info.  Some stuff comes from the webgl spec, others from gles, or glsl, or opengl2.

If you could give me a clue where to look I’d appreciate it.  (I need the info for code reviews.)  I notice some tests mention which spec or where to find the requirement their testing.  It would be cool if some of the future tests that exercised the fringes of the spec could maybe have a comment in the source mentioning the requirement location.  Most of the time it’s obvious but sometimes it’s hard to find.


In the glsl/misc/attrib-location-length-limits.html test there may be a precedence of errors question.  (I haven’t debugged this so I’m not positive.)  The last check in that test is that getAttribLocation should fail and the error code should be INVALID_VALUE.  But since the program is not linked then INVALID_OPERATION could be returned.  Does the spec list precedence of errors?



Robert Tray