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Re: [Public WebGL] Issues with WebGL Conformance 1.0.1b

Thank you for reviewing these

On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 10:10 AM, Robert Tray <RTray@nvidia.com> wrote:


The current webgl-conformance-tests.html fails a few tests that I’m hoping can be remedied with test changes.


1)      Context/context-attributes-alpha-depth-stencil-antialias.html: The test makes assumptions about the location of attributes ‘pos’ and ‘colorIn’.  The test is missing either a bindAttribLocation before the program link or a getAttribLocation after.

this test actually does call bindAttribLocation in the utility function createProgram

2)      Glsl/functions/glsl-function-mod-gentype.html: The test is enhanced over the GLES2 version of conformance by using two different modulo divisors that are more unique than the ‘1.0’ used in GLES2 conformance.  That’s a good thing.  However the hardware I’m testing on has a 1 bit lsb difference between the built-in and the emulated shader image results.  The 1 bit lsdb delta happens at  the top and bottom extremes for the ‘y’ component.  I would like to request a ‘tolerance:1,’ parameter be used for glsl-function-mod-gentype.html so that it will pass.


3)      Glsl/functions/glsl-function-normalize.html: The test is enhanced over the GLES2 version of conformance by extending the range of the vector components.  This seems like a good thing too.  But I am seeing a 1 bit lsb difference for a few pixels when comparing the results for the built-in versus emulated shaders.  I would like to request a ‘tolerance:1,’ parameter for the glsl-function-normalize.html test too.



Robert Tray