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Re: [Public WebGL] Stereoscopic monitors

On 15/10/2011 01:26, Won Chun wrote:
On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 11:59 AM, Shropshire, Andrew A <shropshire@att.com> wrote:
Ok thanks for the information.  Perhaps some non-stereoscopic 3D display
will come along in the future that will be cheap.  If I were designing the
3D apis, I would anticipate this and make the projection part of the
pipeline removable.

Modern games actually don't do the "render left/right" approach because they don't have the budget. They use a reprojection technique that takes a single depth/color image and makes left/right views off of that.
Actually autostereo, a.k.a. glasses-free, displays require more than 2 views. For the parallax barrier or lenticular lens type typically somewhere between 5 - 12 are needed. For a holographic display a very very large number of views is needed. Not sure if or how reprojection could be applied to these types of display.

I've spent 5 years developing 3-D displays, and don't really see much progress yet; it's one of those things that is perpetually an "emerging technology."
Yes. It does seem like that. However at the recent CEATEC show in Tokyo I saw a system called "Holo Table" that projects a 3D image that you can walk around and see with perfect clarity. It was displaying a model of a convertible sports car with the top down and a young girl getting out of the passenger seat. Except for the table underneath with its spinning disc, it is the closest thing I've seen yet to the holy grail of the Princess Leia effect. Unfortunately the model was not itself animated. The people showing it said the table is capable of displaying 24-30 fps but they do not yet have any suitable content.