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[Public WebGL] Call for WebGL Articles

Hi all,

Christophe Riccio and I are putting together a book titled OpenGL Insights, which we plan to be 1/3 WebGL.  This is a contributor-based book, like the Game Programming Gems series, on real-world WebGL/OpenGL/GL ES techniques.

If you have an idea for a WebGL-related article you would like to contribute, please email us at editors@openglinsights.com.  This is a great opportunity to get even more momentum behind WebGL, and get your name and ideas out there.  Any topic related to WebGL is fair-game, e.g., web browser implementation details, differences between desktop OpenGL and WebGL, etc.  This section of the book is particularly important to me since I have switched from C++/OpenGL to _javascript_/WebGL full-time over the past several months.

Proposals are due August 15th.  Full proposal details are at http://www.openglinsights.com/.  Feel free to reply to this thread for general discussion, but please send proposals directly to us at editors@openglinsights.com.