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[Public WebGL] Call for Speakers: WebGL BOF at SIGGRAPH 2011

At SIGGRAPH 2011 there will be a two-hour Birds of a Feather session
on WebGL, on Wednesday, August 10 from 10 AM to 12 PM. Like last year,
we'd really like to have input from the WebGL community. If you are
developing using WebGL, for example building one of the many WebGL
libraries, an application, or cool demos, and would like to share your
experience, please send me a private email. We're aiming for 15-minute
time slots to have the chance to cover a variety of material.
Presentations including demos will be strongly favored. :)

(From a logistical standpoint, we may not have an Internet connection
in the room, so you'd need to be prepared to run your demo locally.
Yes, this is lame, especially for a Web technology, and we're trying
to fix it.)



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