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[Public WebGL] WebGL rendering text and other basic objects

Hi, I am programming a tree-ring view for information visualization.
First, I have drawn many ring sectors. Each sector are formed by
triangles. They are drawn in 2D, with all vertices' Z coordinates
equal to constant value. Each sector has a uniform color, maybe
different from other sectors. All sectors are rendered in the same
unique canvas.
The vertex shader is:

vColor = aVertexColor;

Then, I want to render some text on each sector, which is the label of
the sector. I have learnt how to render text through the link:


but, I saw that it need to change the fragment shader to:

gl_FragColor = texture2D(uSampler, vec2(vTextureCoord.s, vTextureCoord.t));

So, if I change to this shader, I may can not render the original
shader to a unique color, since text render need texture to assign
Can I write two shaders, one for render the sectors, the other for
render the texts.
Do I need two canvas to do this? If so, does one canvas will hide the other one?

Yubao Wu

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