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Re: [Public WebGL] Microsoft Weighs in on WebGL Security Issue

Microsoft has now marked my report as resolved fixed, and I have replied asking what the fix consists of and talking about interaction with GPU vendors.

I've filed a bug at Microsoft,


Silverlight 5 has exactly the same issues with denial of service and lack of robustness in the graphics drivers as WebGL. Therefore it is important to work together with MS to get them fixed. One of the most important things MS could do is push PC vendors, particularly laptop vendors, to provide graphics driver updates on a regular basis.

In fact any graphics used in the web browser, HTML5, Canvas 2D, Flash, Molehill, Silverlight 5 potentially faces these problems. Witness the driver "blocklists" maintained by both Firefox & Chrome for all of their accelerated graphics features.



On 21/06/2011 09:25, Tony Parisi wrote:
Not in a good way. Sigh.


Plus slightly hysterical reporting


A few blogs on the positive side


I really think the best way to deal with this is for developers to tell MS how important WebGL support is and how they want to see it in IE (if you care). IMO that is the most reliable method of getting MS to the table to make positive contributions to the discussion.

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