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Re: [Public WebGL] Disable software rendering

That's a nearly unbelievable example. It is fairly easy to use NPOT images as texture sources even without hardware support. Pad it to a power-of-two and  fudge the app-provided texture coordinates - admittedly not as easy with fragment shaders as it was with fixed-function texture transform matrices. But it should not require copious amounts of CPU-time. I suggest reporting this to AMD/ATi as a bug.



On 20/06/2011 13:44, stephen white wrote:
A clarifying example. My ATi Radeon X1600 Mobile CPU requires powers of two textures. If it doesn't get POT, then it will becomes very slow while my CPU works hard (= software rendering). I'm asking for this fallback to be turned off, so that it will just fail if it's not going to run on the GPU.
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