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[Public WebGL] Chrome blocking cross-origin textures starting in Chrome 13; CORS support implemented

As of Chrome 13, cross-origin textures are no longer supported in
WebGL per recent spec updates. Attempts to upload a cross-origin image
or video, or a tainted 2D canvas, to WebGL will throw a
DOM_SECURITY_ERR exception. This new behavior can be tested in the
Chrome Canary builds for Windows and Mac, or in top-of-tree Chromium

Thanks to Adam Barth and Nate Chapin from the Chrome team, CORS
support for images and videos is now *fully implemented* in WebKit.
This means that sophisticated applications that were using
cross-origin textures can continue to do so, assuming the server
grants permission. It is only a one-line change to make a CORS

  var img = new Image();
  img.onload = ...;  // set onload handler
  img.crossOrigin = "";  // make anonymous CORS request; this is new
  img.src = ...;  // set URL of image

Picasa currently supports CORS requests, and we are working to
evangelize this support to other image and video hosting services. If
you use a particular one frequently, please encourage them to add CORS

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