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Re: [Public WebGL] Could Flash run OpenGL ES 2.0 shaders?

It doesn't avoid the problem, it ignores it and suffers from it. The problem is not  the OpenGL/DirectX translation; it is lack of up-to-date robust OpenGL drivers on many computers, especially laptops. I quote:

"JebGL uses JOGL for hardware acceleration."

"JOGL doesn't currently work in anything but Safari on Mac, and JebGL therefore shares this problem."

In other words it has the same problem the OpenGL/DirectX translation is intended to fix. The web page goes on to say:

 "... But JebGL does work in:

The only conclusion I can draw from this contradictory language is that JebGL is hardware accelerated only in Safari on Mac; the other versions use software rendering, presumably written in Java which I expect will be slow.



On 14/06/2011 13:30, stephen white wrote:
I see from the latest learningwebgl that Martin Qvist and IOLA have released jebgl ( http://code.google.com/p/jebgl/ ) which is very workable already, and avoids the whole OpenGL/DirectX translation problem as a bonus.
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