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Re: [Public WebGL] Could Flash run OpenGL ES 2.0 shaders?

On 31/05/2011, at 7:25 AM, Ben Vanik wrote:
> Unfortunately, the overhead for communicating frame data to Flash was just too high - both in terms of garbage created (causing frequent, long GCs and dropped frames) and the latency (synchronous calls over ExternalInterface, no matter how optimized, suck).

I figured that it would be possible to instruct Flash to load the data rather than transferring it, rather like the video card is told what to do. However I can't get around calculating and transferring the vertex list, and ExternalInterface is very slow.

I see from the latest learningwebgl that Martin Qvist and IOLA have released jebgl ( http://code.google.com/p/jebgl/ ) which is very workable already, and avoids the whole OpenGL/DirectX translation problem as a bonus.

Is WebGL on IE now a solved problem with jebgl, or can it be improved into a solved problem, or are these approaches always going to be for static or procedurally generated scenes (as most of the demos are)?


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