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[Public WebGL] Loading WebGLBuffer from an HTMLImageElement

It currently doesn't appear possible to load a WebGLBuffer from an
image, to use an image as vertex data.  I can't do this manually, by
writing the image to a 2d Canvas and passing its ImageData to
bufferData, due to same-origin restrictions.

WebGLBuffer's bufferData and bufferSubData APIs should support similar
entry points as WebGLTexture.texImage2D, accepting HTMLImageElement,
HTMLCanvasElement and HTMLVideoElement, for the same reasons:
performance and dealing with same-origin restrictions.  Of course,
this would affect the origin-clean flag, just as with WebGLTexture.

It would also be consistent to allow reading WebGLTextures into
WebGLBuffer--another operation you can do natively--though its
usefulness is limited by the present lack of floating-point texture

Glenn Maynard
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