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[Public WebGL] Re: Volume Textures

On Apr 6, 2011, at 9:43 AM, John Davis wrote:

> In four years I'll be eating geritol and wearing a diaper.  Why
> exactly do we have extensions?  What prevents extensions from later
> being folded into the spec?

Nothing, and there's nothing to prevent a browser vendor from doing any extension they choose. That's what the extension mechanism is for. The WebGL Extension Registry on the other hand is a place to keep extensions ratified by the WebGL Working Group and are expected to be widely implemented with compatible functionality.

But getting back to the 3D texture extension - I think recent events have proven that there are alternatives to a 3D texture extension and they work on all platforms. By not having a standard 3D texture extension authors have come up with creative solutions rather than falling back on an extension that can only be implemented on a subset of systems. 

3D textures will make this functionality more performant and capable, and when it is widely available on WebGL hardware I will be all for adding it. But I don't think that time has come yet.


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