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[Public WebGL] Resources for various WebGL error cases

Hi all,
The next version of Google Body will have a separate feedback page for each of these cases:

[1] Browser supports WebGL, but the user had a problem using Body anyway. We expect people to visit this page if (say) WebGL crashed their system.
[2] Browser doesn't support WebGL, but the user thinks it should. E.g., we tell them "try downloading Chrome 10, Firefox 4, etc." and the user thinks they already have one of those browsers.
[3] Browser supports WebGL but initialization failed.
[4] Browser supports WebGL but there was a _javascript_ error during initialization.

In each case, in addition to our own feedback form, we intend to link to appropriate khronos.org pages. Is there anything we should use other than http://get.webgl.org/troubleshooting/?

Also note: http://get.webgl.org/troubleshooting/ does not currently work for FF4/Mac. It displays an empty white bubble. It does work for Chrome 10/Mac.