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Re: [Public WebGL] Volume Textures

> On Mar 24, 2011, at 10:58 AM, Ginsburg, Daniel wrote:
>>> That doesn't mean we can't discuss other extensions (like this one).
>>> But I
>>> would be very against adding any and all extensions just because they
>>> exist on
>>> some driver in some version of OpenGL on some platform. I even agree
>>> that 3D
>>> textures are available in a majority of desktop OpenGL implementations.
>>> And
>>> GL_OES_texture_3D is defined for OpenGL ES. But I don't know of any
>>> current
>>> implementations of OpenGL ES that support it.
>> I believe that GL_OES_texture_3D is supported on the Qualcomm Snapdragon
>> Adreno GPU.
> As far as I know nothing with that chip has shipped yet. I think you'll
> see it becoming more common over the coming year or two on lots of
> embedded hardware. But I think there has to be more than an existence
> proof to make a viable candidate.

AFAICT, the problem here is that "Snapdragon" is a "platform" - not a
single, specific device.   It's essentially a system-on-a-chip kit -
hardware designers can configure the design with mix and match parts and
spin off chips with a variety of capabilities and power requirements.  The
first one was released something like 3 years ago...but even one released
today might still use an ancient version of the GPU in order to come in at
lower power requirements.   So you have to be super-careful about what
you're talking about when your say "Snapdragon".

The "Adreno" GPU comes in four different versions - one can't run shaders
at all (it's strictly OpenGL ES 1.1 fixed-function) - the latest isn't
released yet but claims to "exceed game console performance
levels"...although it carefully doesn't say whether that means "Sony PS3"
or "Atari 2600", so I'm not getting too excited!  :-)

Saying that "Snapdragon" has been out for a while doesn't prove that 3D
textures have been out for a while on that platform...you first have to
ask which Snapdragon with which Adreno has been out for a while.

  -- Steve

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