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[Public WebGL] Is this list still just for discussing the webgl spec?

At 10:39 AM -0700 3/23/11, Oliver Hunt wrote:
>Could we please keep bug reports off the spec mailing list?  Implementation bugs aren't spec issues, and so should be filed at the appropriate bug tracking system (http://bugs.mozilla.org http://bugs.webkit.org and http://bugs.opera.com for the current webgl implementers)
>I'm not meaning to pick on you specifically, i've just been getting more and more annoyed with implementation bug discussions filling up the mailing list.

Is this list still just for discussing the webgl spec?


  This is where you can sign up for the public mailing list to
  discuss the WebGL draft specification, released on December 10 2009.

If so there should be a separate webgl list for discussing implementations, techniques, frameworks, etc.

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