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Re: [Public WebGL] Firefox 4 not in beta any more

So am I the only one for whom Firefox 4 WebGL support is completely broken on Mac OS X?  I have gone to many WebGL sites including my own and all render an upside-down corrupted window where the WebGL canvas should be (see attached pictures of Google Body Browser).  This is happening on two Mac OS X 10.6.6 Macpro's with Nvidia GT120's I have here.  I can't find others complaining about the issue, so I'm wondering if it's a configuration problem on our machines.

Anyone else seeing this?

-- Dan

On 3/23/11 11:40 AM, "Alberto La Rocca" <a71104@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello guys!
As per subject, Firefox 4 isn't in beta any more, thus its name in
http://get.webgl.org/ should be updated.
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