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Re: [Public WebGL] Chrome 10 regression: 2d canvas over a 3d canvas

> I've reported the following bug in the recent update to chrome 10
> http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=75925
> It basically boils down to painting lags that occur when you paint in a 2d
> canvas that is composed over a 3d canvas.
> I think this is (or will be) a common way to display simple text above a
> 3d
> scene. In my game I use it to give the user
> indication about the number of lives he has left and messages on what's
> going on in the game.
> - Can anyone else confirm this bug?
> - Is there some kind of workaround?
> - Any predictions on when this can be fixed? Currently this completely
> breaks my game from being playable.

Hmmm - I haven't done exactly that. I did the overlay text for my game in
regular HTML DOM stuff.  With CSS3's fancy rendering styles, I was able to
do everything I needed without resorting to a canvas - and the performance
has been quite reasonable.  It was quite a wrench (as a "conventional"
game programmer) to realize that I shouldn't attempt to render text using
textured polygons or using a 2D API like <canvas>...but doing this stuff
in HTML DOM is so much easier...and surprisingly fast.

I also used a 2D canvas off to the side of the 3D rendering area - it
doesn't overlay the 3D view - but again, no problems.

  -- Steve

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