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[Public WebGL] distinguishing browsers that support WebGL but need updated drivers

I created a very simple page that distinguishing between:

1) browsers that support WebGL
2) browsers that support WebGL but don't successfully generate a WebGL context.
3) browsers that don't support WebGL


I'm using this function to test whether the browser supports WebGL:

  function browserSupportsWebGL() {
    if (window.WebGLRenderingContext === undefined || window.WebGLRenderingContext.tagName === "DFN" ) {
      return false
    } else {
      return true

The bizarre test for tagName == DFN handles Safari 5.0.x which returns a DFN element in response to window.WebGLRenderingContext.

I've also added a handler to receive a webglcontextcreationerror event:

  function webglContextCreationErrorHandler(evt) {
    if (evt.statusMessage) {
      document.getElementById("status-message").textContent = evt.statusMessage;

See: http://www.khronos.org/registry/webgl/specs/latest/#5.14.3

I don't actually know if this works or what might be returned as a statusMessage.

I know FFv4 doesn't report a statusMessage yet. If some version of Chrome does I'd like to know what kind of statusMessage is returned if someone out there has a machine where Chrome won't create a WebGL context because of unsupported video cards or a video driver that is too old.

The code is here: https://github.com/stepheneb/seasons/blob/master/test-for-webgl.html


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